Hector Benavides Joins Vagabond As VP Of Sales

Sept. 3, 2014

September 3rd Washington, DC – Vagabond, a cloud-based mobile software and vending management solutions provider (VMS), has announced that Hector Benavides has joined the fast growing vending technology firm as Vice President of Sales.

Prior to joining Vagabond, Hector served as Regional Sales Director with USA Technologies and Cantaloupe Systems. He has also held operations and development roles at Rich Products Corporation, the Pepsi Bottling Group, and Hershey Company.

“We are proud to have Hector on the team. His 20+ years of industry experience across various channels including vending operations, product distribution and vending technology will substantially help us to improve Vagabond’s total value proposition to our customers,” said Vagabond CEO Michael Lovett.  “Hector is an expert at advising operators on how to apply technology solutions to enhance the profitability of their particular business. His leadership will help us help our customers maximize the impact of implementing products from Vagabond and its partners.”

Hector will serve as Vagabond’s chief evangelist to the industry. “It is a testament to the Vagabond solution and team that someone so highly respected in the industry has chosen to join the cause”, said Vagabond President Juan Jorquera. “Vending operators and vendor partners alike come to Hector for advice because they trust him to look out for their best interests. We share those same values and look forward to working with him.”

In addition to sales management responsibilities, Hector will work with Vagabond’s executive and engineering team as it establishes more formal relationships with other technology providers who integrate with the Vagabond software and communications platform.

About Vagabond:

Vagabond Vending develops the Vagabond mobile vending operations toolset, which saves vending operators time and money by helping them run their vending operation more efficiently. Vagabond provides live views of machines, real-time inventory information and comprehensive sales & financial reports. Managing products, routes and labor with Vagabond enables the operator to maximize revenues and reduce costs.

In addition to offering its own Insight telemetry hardware and communications platform, Vagabond integrates with other industry available telemetry hardware and any web, mobile or tablet device. Customers use the mobile app and web interface to manage the day-to-day field operations, operational analysis, reporting tools, cash accounting and administration. Please call Juan Jorquera at 202.695.8228 or email [email protected]


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