Plant-based Snacklins releases limited-time Cinnamon Churro flavor

June 7, 2021

New from Rockville, MD-based Snacklins is a Cinnamon Churro flavor. The new limited-time variety is available only at for the month of June while supplies last.

The frequently requested flavor will be the first limited-time release in the company’s history. It is also the first “sweet” flavor to join the Snacklins family of low-calorie yuca and mushroom-based crisps 

After extensive product development, Snacklins said it was able to craft a low-calorie, zero-sugar cinnamon churro flavor while staying true to its simple ingredient ethos. Like the company’s existing products, the Cinnamon Churro flavor is offered in 0.9-oz. single-serve bags, coming in at only 90 calories for the entire bag.

The new flavor’s packaging will be a metallic bronze, in contrast to the pure matte white packaging of the permanent lineup. This differentiates the new sweet flavor from its savory predecessors.

"Churro is our play on cinnamon sugar, a flavor that has been requested by diehard Snacklins fans for years,” said the company’s chief executive Kevin Blesy. “Snacklins can be a versatile snacking platform; monitoring and understanding the reception of non-savory flavor profiles will heavily inform our innovation pipeline going forward.”


[Credit: Snacklins]
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