Wonderful Pistachios Launches Larger Size Of No Shells Flavors

June 16, 2020

Wonderful® Pistachios announces launch of 11-ounce size bags of No Shells flavors for sharing and satisfying spicy or sweet cravings.   

LOS ANGELES – June 15, 2020 – Building off of the success of Wonderful® Pistachios No Shells Chili Roasted and Honey Roasted in the original 5.5-ounce size bags that debuted last year, both flavors will now be available in a larger 11-ounce bag, providing snackers with double the enjoyment of the increasingly popular plant-based protein snack.

The success of the new No Shells Chili Roasted and Honey Roasted flavors is undeniable as both have driven 94% of all flavored snack nut growth across the industry category, as well as spurred double-digit growth for the No Shells brand. They have also proven to be incremental to the Wonderful Pistachios portfolio, with 38% of consumers purchasing No Shells flavors as their first Wonderful Pistachios purchase ever.

The excitement has also been noted through recent accolades, including the flavors being recognized as a new product “Rising Star” by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) in its New Product Pacesetters Report, which celebrates the biggest CPG launches. Honey Roasted also received the 2020 SnackNation Insight Award for Best Nut or Trail Mix, and both flavors were listed on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list with Honey Roasted taking the No. 1 spot and Chili Roasted taking the No. 2 spot in the Snack Nuts & Seeds category. 

“Given the evolving habits for increased snacking occasions and fewer trips to the grocery store, our larger 11-ounce bags of Wonderful Pistachios No Shells flavors are perfect for those looking to snack throughout the week, while working, or at home, and for sharing with their family,” said Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing, The Wonderful Company. 

For retailers, we’ll also offer a new 48-count point-of-sale display for the 11-ounce bags, which will showcase two-thirds Chili Roasted and one-third Honey Roasted. The new larger size will be available nationwide at grocery stores, mass retailers, drugstores and e-commerce channels, alongside the No Shells Roasted & Salted variety which is already available in a larger 12-ounce bag, in addition to other sizes. The full list of sizes for Chili Roasted and Honey Roasted now includes: 22-ounce, 11-ounce, 5.5-ounce, 2.25-ounce, and .75-ounce.

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