Lawsuit Alleges TGI Friday's Chips Include False Advertising

April 2, 2019

A class action lawsuit was filed March 27, 2019 in Manhattan Federal Court that alleged TGI Fridays potato skin chips product does not contain actual potato chips, according to New York Daily News. According to court documents, the lawsuit alleges the chips only contain potato flakes and potato starch and so this is false advertising.


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Inventure Foods, Inc., TGI Friday's Sign Long-Term Licensing Agreement, Expand Product Line

May 8, 2014
Inventure Foods, Inc. and TGI Friday's have agreed to terms on a new long-term licensing agreement that will result in further expansion of the successful TGI Friday's...
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TGI Friday's Bacon Ranch Potato Skins

Inventure Foods introduces TGI Friday’s Bacon Ranch Potato Skins. TGI Friday’s Bacon Ranch Potato Skins use dual sheeting technology to replicate real potato skins. The product...