Snak King® Announces 40th Anniversary, Launches New Website

Sept. 20, 2018

Snak King, one of the largest private label snack food manufacturers and owner of El Sabroso®, Vitner's®, The Whole Earth®, Granny Goose® and Jensen's Orchard® branded lines of product, is excited to announce the launch of its new website in honor of the company's 40th Anniversary. 

"This newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the Company's key capabilities.  It has a modern, clean design that celebrates our passion for snacking, improved functionality (SEO and mobile friendly) and includes rich content to engage our customers and consumers," said Barbara Moreno, Director of Marketing at Snak King.   We are delighted to unveil a new website for Snak King and the timing couldn't be better than to launch in conjunction with our 40th Anniversary," said Barry Levin, Chairman and CEO.

"Snak King began in 1978 with just two employees working in a 1,200-square foot facility, making one product, Pork Rinds.  I joined in 1979, becoming employee number three, right after graduating from college," said Levin. 

After a few years, Barry acquired the company with a single goal: to make sure customers' needs were fully met by delivering the most consistent, high-quality product.  This devotion to customer service and a willingness to say "yes" is what spurred Snak King's growth.  When a company asked if Snak King could make Popcorn for them, the answer was "Yes!".  Even though they had only made Pork Rinds thus far, Snak King quickly learned to make a new product.  The same story repeated itself for Caramel Corn, Cheese Puffs, and then Cheese Curls and the product portfolio grew.   With each new snack item, the focus on quality never wavered. 

We are honored to be known as a company that has maintained the nimble, entrepreneurial spirit from our founding even as we've grown from those 1,200 square feet into over 700,000 square feet producing snacks for customers nationally and internationally.   

Please visit our new website at


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