Javo Beverage launches functional energy lemonades and flavored iced teas

June 6, 2023
Javo Beverage introduces new lemonade-based energy drinks and premium flavored iced teas for the foodservice industry.

Javo Beverage announced it introduced new lemonade-based energy drinks and premium flavored iced teas for the foodservice industry, meeting consumer demand for healthier and innovative beverages with clean label ingredients.

Now available for foodservice outlets, Javo's new energy lemonades have attributes in functional beverages, such as energy and mental focus. Each 12-ounce serving contains 100 mg of natural caffeine and 100 mg of natural L-theanine and is in trending flavor profiles of pomegranate pineapple, peach honey, and blackberry lemon.

"Our energy lemonades are different from anything on the shelf, we're thinking outside of the can to benefit our foodservice operators," Chris Johnson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Javo Beverage, said in the announcement. "We offer a hand mix format that delivers flexibility in menu development and the ability to own the beverage at the restaurant or brand level." 

Johnson added, "Javo is also introducing three new iced tea flavors to reinvigorate category sales, which have been declining for several years in the foodservice sector. We recognize that the long-term success of the iced tea category lives in flavor innovation and leaning into the healthy halo of tea to attract younger consumers to the category."

Javo's new iced tea flavors feature black tea from Argentina and Indonesia and hibiscus tea and include an emerging flavor, Blood Orange, a mashup of on-trend tropical flavors, Mango Guava, and an herbal flavor, Peach Ginger Hibiscus.

"We see more and more younger consumers demanding a wider variety of beverages, even replacing alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic options," Johnson continued in the announcement. "Our new products are focused on filling the gap on beverage menus while helping our foodservice operators attract those younger consumers and add profits to their bottom line."

Javo recently joined the Florida Food Products, known for its premium cold brew coffee extracts, which has given them access to a portfolio of all-natural flavors, nutritional inclusions and unique formulation capabilities.

Javo's new beverages will be stocked at Dot Foods in 6/32-ounce bottle cases with a 5:1 concentration. They are ambient, which allows for easy storage and use with bubblers, tea urns or handcrafting individual drinks. Javo also offers a complete line of in-store point-of-sale materials to help operators drive trial and sales. 

Javo Beverage also announced that its newly launched functional energy lemonades won the NAMA People's Choice Award in the popular cold beverage category at its annual conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Javo Beverage

Founded in 2001, Javo is an extraction company that uses a patented process to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea, and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Capitalizing on the expertise of parent company FFP, Javo is a premium one-stop beverage supplier with a full portfolio of natural flavors and human nutrition inclusions. Javo's master extractors use clean ingredients to craft products for global and emerging brands. Javo Beverage operates a 65,000-square-foot production facility at its headquarters in Vista, California., and a 240,000-square-foot facility in Indianapolis. Facilities are Safe Quality Foods (SQF), QAI organic, and kosher certified. The company offers ingredients for beverages such as ready-to-drink beverages, coffee (including cold-brew coffee), tea, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic and functional beverages, and other items like dairy and dairy alternatives, baked foods, desserts, savory items, ice cream, and novelties. In addition to Javo-branded products, the company offers private-label and custom product development solutions.