New Product Alert: Bart & Judy's Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oct. 12, 2020

Bart & Judy's new Extreme Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with 65% organic cacao and two kinds of Belgian chocolate chips, real eggs and real butter.  

LOS ANGELES, California — Legendary Los Angeles Cookie manufacturer Bart & Judy are proud to introduce their newest product and the most chocolate cookie ever created…the Extreme Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Chocolate lovers everywhere can now celebrate a richly satisfying way to enjoy an all-natural, American treat for snack time.

The company reports that the newest “Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookie” has more chocolate than any other packaged cookie.

The new cookie is a sumptuous blend of Belgian chocolate with 65% organic cacao and packed with 2 kinds of dark, Belgian chocolate chips. They are virtually "little bites of happiness." Pop 'em in your mouth, make mini ice cream sandwiches or just dunk them in milk or coffee.

They feature delicious wholesome, natural ingredients, like REAL eggs and REAL butter. Want to give yourself a real treat?  Pop a couple in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, then close your eyes and drift back to when life was less complicated and baking was about sharing love. 

CEO Bart Greenhut announced, “We are proud to launch our newest line of all-natural cookies especially for the vending market. The Homestyle Chocolate Chip is a new version of our classic cookies that have more chocolate than ever before.”

About Bart & Judy’s

Bart and Judy started by selling batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies at local farmer's markets around Los Angeles almost 20 years ago. Today they are one of the most successful small businesses in Los Angeles.The chocolate chip cookies are best sellers in Gelsons, Ralph’s, Vintage Markets, and Whole Foods. They also work with First Class Vending and Amtrak. Bart & Judy's Cookies have had a dedicated fan base all over California for 10+ years. Their mission is to create the highest quality chocolate chip cookie with fair trade chocolate and all-natural ingredients. Something that's just not done anymore. They are offering our products at corporate cookie pricing because they want to compete with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.


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