Parlevel announces micro market and hubz smart coolers growth in Europe

April 4, 2022
Large micro markets and hubz deployments in France and Belgium showcase unattended retail adoption in Europe.

Parlevel Systems, a global supplier of software and hardware tools for unattended retail operations, announced two large micro market and hubz Smart Cooler deployments in France and Belgium. 

The deployment of micro market and hubz Smart Cooler technology in Europe is indicative of the demand for new, innovative unattended retail technologies worldwide. Micro markets continue to grow in Europe, while the hubz product line is beginning to find success with unattended retail operators. Parlevel’s investment in these technologies is accelerating its growth globally. Companies can use Parlevel technology to bring unattended retail into untapped locations – like schools, hospitals, malls, transit stations, colleges, and more – opening up a larger customer base.

“Our mission at Parlevel is to help unattended food and retail operators around the world spend less, sell more, and gain control of their operations,” said Gabriel Senior, COO at Parlevel Systems. “As an all-in-one provider of powerful technology, we have more tools at our disposal than ever to help operators solve modern-day problems. Our micro market and hubz Smart Store technology helps operators find success in new, profitable accounts.”

Moving forward, Parlevel will continue to streamline and innovate both existing and new products to help operators find success through powerful technology. 


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