Parlevel Releases Run, A Home Delivery Platform For Vending, Micro Market, And Office Coffee Operators

April 23, 2020

San Antonio, TX, April 20th, 2020 – Parlevel Systems, the technology provider for the most productive network of food and beverage operators in the world, has released Parlevel Run - a service that enables businesses to deliver products directly to consumers. Parlevel Run helps vending, micro market, office coffee, and other business owners leverage existing operations to sell products online, deliver to customers’ homes, and increase their revenue streams.

Parlevel Run helps operators sell their products directly to their customers through a customizable, online storefront. Operators can use Parlevel Run to deliver to current customers secured through existing vending, micro market, and coffee accounts. Operators can choose exactly what products they want to offer through the online store while displaying featured items, logos and brand colors. To optimize delivery profits, operators can customize delivery rates, enforce strict delivery geographies, set minimum order amounts, offer promotions, and much more.

Businesses can utilize existing operational infrastructure to fulfill orders made through Parlevel Run. Operators can fulfill orders using their own vehicles, employees, and warehouse operations. Orders placed through the platform automatically integrate into Parlevel’s Vending Management System (VMS) allowing operators to dynamically route deliveries alongside vending, micro market, or office coffee services - increasing delivery speed and operational efficiency.

“During these challenging times, facing the crisis and adapting to current demands is key for businesses to survive,” said Luis Gonzalez, chief executive officer of Parlevel Systems. “Parlevel Run allows operators to create a new revenue stream by using their current operational infrastructure and existing customer base. All the customers they have already served in vending, micro market, and coffee accounts can continue relying on the same operator to receive products at home. The tools Parlevel Run offers are phenomenal to make this business transition a success.”

Parlevel Run is supported by Parlevel’s industry-best customer support team. Parlevel will work hand-in-hand with operators to help them set up products, custom branding, geographies, delivery windows, and other tools to ensure a smooth adoption of the service. Due to high demand, businesses can expect an initial setup time of up to one week.

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