365 Retail Markets Partners Exclusively With ADVANA

Jan. 7, 2019

365 Retail Markets, the global leader in MicroMarket technology—offering a best-in-class point-of-sale platform for the vending, foodservice and hospitality industries—is pleased to announce that it has signed a media content agreement with Advana. 

Advana, an advertising technology company, will be adding 365 Retail Markets’ 20,000 plus screens (including kiosks, digital signage, mobile and AirVend screens) to their portfolio of advertising-enabled digital monitors. Advana will bring curated promotions and brand content to consumers at relevant times throughout their day. To launch their initiatives, Advana is excited to partner with 365 and reach multiple workplace channels. 

“By creating brand connections, Advana is the next big innovation in driving sales growth for the MicroMarket industry.” said Derek Myers, CEO of Advana. “The partnership with 365 will give brands and advertisers unprecedented access to engage captive and qualified audiences at the point of purchase.” This partnership will also bring offers and advertising to 365Pay, 365 Retail Markets’ proprietary mobile application, that allows end consumers to access their Global Market Accounts, scan, and pay for their goods. 

“For years, the marketplace has looked for ways to connect the operator with the point-of-sale and the consumer, as well as, leverage the opportunity to grow sales. We are pleased to partner with Advana to make this a reality and be a huge win for our operators and consumers.” said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365. Advana has plans to roll out their advertising portfolio to 365 Retail Markets’ screens in the coming months.   

About Advana  

Advana takes advertising distribution a step further, by allowing brands to reach consumers on any screen anywhere. Using Advana’s suite of products, advertisers will receive comprehensive insights into consumer trends, including the buying patterns of known customers. Advana is uniquely positioned to provide access to known customers and potential consumers at the point of purchase. For more information visit https://advana.co/.  

About 365 Retail Markets  

365 Retail Markets, a rapidly growing, self-checkout technology company with offices in Metro Detroit, Santa Clara, and Provo, offers the best in class point-of-sale platform for use in the workplace. Its proprietary technology provides a turnkey platform that allows customers to increase sales, improve the customer experience, and increase profits while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets has been pioneering innovation in the food service, hospitality, and vending industries since 2008 and continues to revolutionize the market with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding. 365 has won many awards for their innovation and growth, including being named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. two years in a row.  

For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit www.365retailmarkets.com. You can also follow 365 Retail Markets on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. 



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