Samsung Canada ups safety and convenience with novel touchless kiosk display

Feb. 9, 2022

Samsung Electronics Canada and Luxembourg-based iNUI Studio have launched the AIRxTouch Kiosk Series 3 touchless interactive kiosk solution designed with hygiene, convenience and flexibility in mind.

While ensuring the safety of staff and customers alike, the new kiosk helps speed up transactions and improve order accuracy, all from a touchless screen.

To design the kiosk solution, iNUI Studio leveraged a Samsung QMR Series 55” Display digital signage with Air Touch optical sensors and a powerful processor. The technology is designed to deliver exceptional mid-air interaction and an intuitive user experience.

Allowing hygienic, touchless click, double-click, drag and drop, slide and zoom interactions, all with a precision of 3 mm, it’s easy to use as a conventional touch device.

“It's been rewarding to partner with Samsung Canada for the first implementation of our technology in North America,” said Olivier Raulot, founder and chief executive of iNUI Studio. “Thanks to Samsung’s display technology, we are able to build a new kiosk standard.”


The touchless checkout solution includes both voice and gesture-based UI interaction alternatives, combined with flexible payment options for QR codes, app wallets, contactless cards and cash.
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