Bob Tullio’s Product Perspective: GrabScanGo

July 8, 2020

GrabScanGo offers operators a visionary solution 

The product: GrabScanGo – A Bluetooth, beacon based micro market app. 

After COVID-19, micro market clients will no longer be insisting that their markets must be able to accept cash. That was clear to me after interviewing facility managers from around the country last month. Workplaces want to minimize touch points and maximize touch free solutions.

Apps – The time is now

More than ever before, micro market apps are poised to dominate the business of unattended retail, a fact that makes micro market app GrabScanGo look very attractive for operators. Their unique model focuses on tapping into the promotional budget of food and beverage companies, which results in a reduced cost structure for operators.

“Lowest cost structure for operators in the industry”

“We are making a concerted effort to minimize operator costs, from both a set-up, user cost and transaction fee standpoint, because our strategy is to monetize the smartphone screen through new product introductions,” said Wilfred Martis, co-founder of GrabScanGo. “We are giving a platform to new products that is right in the hands of the end user and the data indicates that the advertising works. Successful new product sales can be attributed directly to the app.”

Martis summed up exactly what his monetizing strategy means for operators. “GrabScanGo is positioned to have the lowest cost structure for operators in the industry,” he said. “For us, it is important to have as many operators on board as possible in order to execute our strategy, so we are making it very easy for them.” GrabScanGo does not require long term commitments or any minimum sales requirements.

Extreme support

While operators should expect technology support from any micro market kiosk or app provider, GrabScanGo strives to eliminate the technology burden for operators. “We realize that every operator isn’t tech savvy and for us, providing back end support is no big deal. We have a team in place to set up the product menu, pricing and images for the operator,” said Martis. “We still do all of the product and price changes on an ongoing basis for some of our clients.”

Martis is a 15-year Intel veteran who ran the tech company’s retail consumer electronics business. He is very much a tech pioneer, as his team developed the world’s first smart TVs. For Martis, the technology associated with micro markets is easy stuff.

GrabScanGo is offering a Demo Kit that operators can order. The kit instantly shows how the entire system works:

Bob’s Perspective – Why GrabScanGo makes sense for operators

Offices will only get smaller – The work at home population will be increasing and the “in office” staff will be shrinking. This is one definite by-product of the pandemic. Anything an operator can do to lower costs makes sense and GrabScanGo is a money saver.

Great satellite solution – In a large facility that wants micro market coverage in several kitchens, a single app that allows shoppers to shop at all three markets will change the outlook of your company’s ROI dramatically, when compared to the cost of three kiosks.

Support – GrabScanGo’s willingness to provide set up and ongoing back end support says a lot about their commitment to building a huge operator base and opening the door for new operators who want to enter the unattended retail space.

Reliability – While the company is a relative newcomer, its GrabScanGo app has been in use for 18 months by several operators, who report that the app has been relatively trouble free. Martis said he is happy to introduce operators to existing clients who have been using the app successfully.

Touch free – Eliminating touch points is a top priority for facility managers. GrabScanGo gives operators an opportunity to accommodate an important need, for less money. That makes sense for operators.

Cashless markets – no problem

I remember the painful cost of a kiosk and the transaction cost associated with it when I was an operator. Thanks to technology and competition, the tables have turned for operators. Are you still worried about not taking cash in a micro market? Don’t be. Between the pandemic and the changing face of the office staff (Millennials and Gen Z), cash is no longer a priority for micro market users.

GrabScanGo is a visionary company. “This is a total smartphone play,” said Martis. “One that has ongoing benefits for operators and their clients.”

To learn more about GrabScanGo, contact Wilfred Martis at [email protected]

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