Operators have many choices when it comes to selecting coolers and freezers for their micro markets.  Some operators have even been known to cut costs by using repurposed loaner equipment or other low-cost alternatives. 

“Considering the cost and inconvenience associated with unpredictable performance of repurposed or loaned coolers and freezers, we are directing operators to opt for quality,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design tools. “Our choice is Minus Forty because they manufacture the best cooler and freezer merchandisers on the market.”

“Operators are starting to see the positive impact that micro markets have on their bottom line and now understand that it makes sense to invest, to look at the finer details and pay more attention to items like coolers and freezers,” said Julian Attree, founder and CEO of Minus Forty. “Obviously, workplaces today are looking for well designed markets and equipment that will not result in downtime.  When coolers or freezers go down, product and sales are lost, costs occur, and everyone is inconvenienced.”

“I would suggest that most operators in the market today are finding that their clients are looking for something well beyond a bare bones approach to both design and equipment performance.” added Attree. “I have operators who tell me they would rather spend more time looking for great new micro market accounts rather than service broken down equipment.”

All Minus Forty equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in their facility in Toronto, Canada. The company started out building freezers for the ice cream industry in North America. Those ice cream companies asked for upright equipment and Minus Forty delivered. “We developed units that addressed the needs of our clients and we are still doing that today. Reliability and longevity of equipment is a top priority,” said Attree. “Our clients who track the cost of service and maintenance tell us that we are the most competitive and cost-efficient solution on the market.”

“You have perishable foods in an unattended market location and safety is critically important. One difference with our health lock is that it is completely integrated with the main control system of the cooler or freezer – not an add on,” he said. 

From a design standpoint, Minus Forty is on their third generation of upright coolers and freezers, now focusing on a look that customers would find in high end market locations.

Orlando said Fixturelite always has Minus Forty coolers in stock ready to ship and has seen nothing but positive feedback from operators who use Minus Forty equipment. “After 30 years in business, Minus Forty has the experience and delivers the quality that our clients are looking for,” said Orlando.  “Shortcuts on coolers and freezers result in an inconsistent look and an unprofessional appearance.  If an operator wants to land great accounts and keep them, it makes sense to invest in quality equipment, especially from a design standpoint.”