Minus Forty: World Class Coolers, Now Even Better

Oct. 28, 2020

Among other things, 2020 is a year marked by innovation. Fixturelite continues to deliver innovative options for micro market operators. Minus Forty coolers are another reason why operators who work with Fixturelite are enjoying continued success.

Ready to ship from Fixturelite, along with a full selection of refrigeration equipment, the PicoCooler from Minus Forty, equipped with 365 Retail Markets’ payment device, is a guaranteed winner that takes Minus Forty’s coolers and Fixturelite to another level above the competition.

Red Hot – PicoCooler

“PicoCooler is taking off,” said Ed Chapel, chief revenue officer at 365 Retail Markets. “It’s hitting a spot in the marketplace that’s even driven more than what we anticipated, with the pandemic and the need for controlled access coolers.”

The teamwork between the companies is a testament to synergy.

“Working together with Minus Forty throughout the process has been a positive experience, and we believe in the power of that relationship going forward,” Chapel said.

With the PicoCooler, consumers can easily tap or scan their credit card or scan their QR code on their 365Pay app to get personalized access to the cooler and check out right there.

“I see the PicoCooler changing the way we do business in public locations,” said Steve Closser, Co-Founder of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consultant. “It can change the market as we know it. It is most exciting thing to come along in micro markets in a long time.”

Reliable payment solution

“In essence, it’s a kiosk on the door or to the side of the door of a cooler because it can do basically everything that a kiosk can do,” Chapel said. “It has a camera, a barcode scanner and a touchscreen and shows items that you rang up inside the cooler or from outside the cooler. A lot of people use it with a snack rack next to it or embedded inside of a micro market so I can take all of my product with that payment device and scan it under the barcode scanner.”

Fixturelite is also about to introduce another game changer, as each Minus Forty cooler will be on the IoT, making tech support immediately reachable.

Key strategic partner

“When you buy the best, you want the best of everything,” said Troy Geis, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. “The ROI is there, just simply by not having to constantly repair it… or worry that it’s going to lock on you when it shouldn’t lock. When you need service from Minus Forty, you’re going to get it, unlike some other brands – The Minus Forty level of service is unparalleled. We have seen it firsthand.”

“We talk a lot about the strategic partnership between Fixturelite, 365 and Translucent, but it is also important to mention Minus Forty - a world class partner for Fixturelite, 365 and Translucent,” said Geis. “We all focus on being the best. We can count on each other to deliver a tremendous experience for our clients and their customers. Minus Forty is a key part of the package.”

Commitment to quality

“I would suggest that most operators in the market today are finding that their clients are looking for something well beyond a bare-bones approach to both design and equipment performance.” said Julian Attree, founder and CEO of Minus Forty. “I have operators who tell me they would rather spend more time looking for great new micro market accounts rather than service broken down equipment.”

Steve Orlando, Geis’s business partner at Fixturelite, points to one other key feature of the Minus Forty coolers. “From a design standpoint, Minus Forty products are very impressive” he said. “When an operator selects Minus Forty products, it sends a message that quality is a priority.”

Closser echoed Orlando’s sentiments regarding Minus Forty coolers and their commitment to quality and style. I think the look, the feel and the attention to detail is impressive. They have gone out of their way to line everything up perfectly. Their health lock is the best on the market – any other product doesn’t even come close,” he said.

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