Olyns partners with Screenverse to sell its digital out-of-home network on programmatic platforms

Sept. 8, 2023
Olyns' recycling RVM Cubes function as a retail media network, providing advertisers with 55-inch HD video displays, while giving consumers convenient container recycling.

Olyns, an innovative AI-powered recycling solution and retail media network, announced its partnership with Screenverse Inc., a leading ad management company that specializes in maximizing revenue for digital screen owners. This partnership will enable media buyers to easily find and purchase ads on the Olyns media network in highly trafficked DMA's including the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Olyns' recycling RVM Cubes function as a retail media network, providing advertisers with 55-inch HD video displays, while giving consumers convenient container recycling.

Through the Olyns network, brands can engage with their customers at the entrance of popular retailers and the opportunity to align with a sustainable media platform that is contributing to circularity in the plastics economy. The Olyns mission is to put recycling Cubes in places such as grocery stores, drugstores, shopping malls and gas stations and to leverage location, design, cash rewards and game theory to encourage repeat visits and make recycling part of people's daily routines.

Olyns' advertising-driven business model delivers value to site partners, brands and people. Retail partners gain foot traffic, a share of revenue from ad sales, and a turnkey recycling solution; advertisers engage consumers in-store, enhance their sustainability credentials, and build customer loyalty; and customers gain access to convenient recycling, bottle deposit redemptions (in "bottle bill" states), and valuable rewards. 

"By advertising on the Olyns network, our clients are able to align their brands with sustainability in a highly visible way," David Weinfeld, CEO of Screenverse, said in the announcement. "We are thrilled to partner with an innovative company that meaningfully engages customers at the prized front entrance of retailers while making recycling more accessible, convenient, and practical nationwide."

Through partnering with Screenverse, the Olyns inventory will be available on media platforms such as Vistar, Place Exchange, Hivestack, and Broadsign Reach. Programmatic sales will occur through Open Direct, Open Exchange, and Private Marketplaces.

"We're on a mission to change people's perceptions of recycling," said Philip Stanger, co-founder and CEO of Olyns, added in the announcement. "Our partnership with Screenverse continues our momentum as we build a 21st century recycling network to change consumer recycling habits and enhance the commercial interests and sustainability profile of our brand and location partners."


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