ZippyAssist announces native integration with VendSys VMS

July 3, 2023
Customers of both VendSys and ZippyAssist can now easily import their VendSys equipment data into ZippyAssist and keep it up-to-date.

6L Inc., builders of ZippyAssist, a mobile-first customer support and engagement SaaS platform helping to build consumer confidence and trust in self-service and unattended retail, has reached a new milestone as it announces its native integration into Nayax’s VendSys Vending Management System (VMS) – ZippyAssist’s first native integration into any VMS.

This powerful new native integration with VendSys makes connecting the ZippyAssist customer support platform to VendSys little more than plug-and-play.

Customers of both VendSys and ZippyAssist can now easily import their VendSys equipment data into ZippyAssist and keep it up-to-date. While any new equipment will be automatically added to Zippy, and any changes in VendSys – equipment relocation, for example – will automatically flow through.

The integration also supports customer service requests. Requests submitted to the operator via ZippyAssist will now automatically create service requests right inside their VendSys. No manual double-handling of data – all the customer and equipment data will be included, ready for assigning in VendSys to the next available service tech.

The teams at ZippyAssist and VendSys were approached by Matt Bingham – GM at Blue Sky Supply of Oklahoma – about an integration. And with both platforms being modern systems, the integration came together quickly. Now with the native integration live and operational, Bingham is even more a fan of both platforms. “When a call comes over [from ZippyAssist into VendSys], I’ve got the machine number, I’ve got the address, and I know where I’m going,” Bingham said in the announcement. “It goes into VendSys and I can just assign the call out. That’s a big gain.”

For Greg Elisara, CEO of 6L Inc., the developers of ZippyAssist, the native integration with VendSys and the experience of Blue Sky Supply shows how the functions of customer support and operations are converging to create more dynamic companies. “With ZippyAssist, we’re super excited to be building a platform where businesses in this industry can more easily than ever succeed in both operational excellence and superior customer service and support. Lifting sales, winning accounts – while reducing costs – is a winning formula,” Elisara said in the announcement.

ZippyAssist’s native integration for VendSys is available today. Companies interested in ZippyAssist for their organization can contact Neil Swindale at

About 6L Inc.

6L Inc. – the builders of ZippyAssist – is a technology company providing solutions to the refreshment services industry, focusing on enhancing the customer experience in unattended retail and self-service environments. The company was founded in September 2021 by 25-year industry veteran Neil Swindale of VendCentral, alongside co-founder Greg Elisara who joined following successful roles in Fintech covering product design, brand, and communications.

About VendSys

VendSys offers a complete full-line VMS, integrating software, handheld data capture devices, telemetry devices and 3rd party solutions to over 150 U.S. vending machine operators. VendSys is part of the Nayax global commerce platform.


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