ZippyAssist rolls out simple and secure online refunds to ease the processing of customer refund requests

July 28, 2022
ZippyAssist is not only providing the reassurance that consumers are seeking in unattended retail but also saving operators in operational costs and processing overhead.

6L Inc., a customer support and engagement SaaS platform providing data and technology solutions for the self-service and unattended retail market, launched ZippyAssist Refunds – a new refunds feature with the capability to issue online refunds from within ZippyAssist using services used by over tens of millions of North American consumers.

Using ZippyAssist’s purpose-designed web app, consumers now have the option of choosing PayPal or Venmo (U.S. only) as options when requesting a refund. In addition, offline refund via check is also available. Refund requests are seamlessly integrated into ZippyAssist’s powerful Operator Dashboard so they can quickly and easily assess – and process – an online refund request, or access postal address details for offline refunds. The dashboard has been enhanced to provide key data to help assess a refund request such as the customer’s recent request history, the average requested amount for the company, as well as the average across the ZippyAssist platform.

Once approved, online refunds are issued within minutes – all done with a couple of clicks.

With the addition of refunds to ZippyAssist’s capabilities, the customer support platform continues to add features designed to encourage consumer adoption of unattended retail. ZippyAssist is not only providing the reassurance that consumers are seeking in unattended retail but also saving operators in operational costs and processing overhead.

A leading refreshment services company Mark Vend, based in Chicago and known for early adoption of key innovation in the industry, has been successfully using ZippyAssist Refunds since early May. “A solution to improve the refund process for both consumers and our team is a win-win,” Mark Stein, CEO at Mark Vend, said in the announcement. “Refunds in ZippyAssist delivers, as does ZippyAssist in general. And the economics work for us – employee time is valuable, so efficiency and effectiveness is important. Once we understood how ZippyAssist could save time while exceeding customer expectations, and reducing customer anxiety, the decision to go ahead with ZippyAssist was a simple one.”

6L Inc. co-founder and President Neil Swindale believes ZippyAssist Refunds signals a key milestone for the technology startup that launched less than a year ago: “With such exciting innovation in the industry we sometimes get wrapped up in the tech and forget about the very human experience customers have when something goes wrong. There’s an opportunity to create a positive and lasting impression in that moment – we are building ZippyAssist to do exactly that,” Swindale said.

ZippyAssist Refunds is available for companies already using ZippyAssist to provide customer support. Companies interested in ZippyAssist for their organization can contact Neil Swindale or Steve Lavendier at VendCentral.

Watch a video on how ZippyAssist Refunds works:


[Photo: VendCentral]
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