LocoSoco Group announces distribution and partnership agreement with Aeguana

March 24, 2022
Automated retail technology specialist Aeguana is able to deliver both out-of-the-box and bespoke solutions for LocoSoco’s retail partners and out-of-home market.

UK-based LocoSoco Group Plc announced a new distribution and partnership agreement with automated retail technology specialist Aeguana, who are building advanced unattended retail solutions. LocoSoco delivers products and technologies that contribute to economic and environmental sustainability, working within sectors including retail, hospitality, corporate, and government organizations.

Aeguana is redefining retail solutions with automated vending fridges, barista style coffee, automated refillable vending machine solutions for water, foods including rices/grains and cleaning products along with robotic arm solutions. With a variety of owned technologies and integrated development platforms, Aeguana is able to deliver both out-of-the-box and bespoke solutions for LocoSoco’s retail partners and out-of-home market, driving revenue growth for new locations while providing valuable services to communities that can be managed remotely.

"LocoSoco’s vision for the future of sustainability is based on identifying and partnering with incredible product and technology providers and aiding in their distribution and growth, said LocoSoco CEO James Perry. "The tie up between product manufacturers, technology companies and a variety of people facing organizations is key to enabling economies of scale and environmental impact. In Aeguana, LocoSoco see the potential to deliver more products and technologies with purpose across the UK market and abroad whilst creating opportunities for wealth creation through new revenue streams for a wide range of Retail, Corporate and Hospitality establishments looking to buy, lease or have a mange service for these technologies supplied with LocoSoco products."


Aeguana chief executive Manish Shah (l.) and FDC portfolio director Clive Broadhutst shake on a successful year in unattended retail.
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