Bitcoin Depot teams up with Circle K in U.S. and Canada

July 23, 2021

As demand for cryptocurrencies increases, more customers are visiting convenience stores to use bitcoin ATMs. So Bitcoin Depot, which says it’s the world's largest bitcoin ATM network, formed an exclusive partnership with Circle K that spans across both the U.S. and Canada.

Some 700 Bitcoin Depot ATMs already installed in 30 states.

Bitcoin Depot ATMs are kiosks that enable users to exchange cash for cryptocurrency, giving them immediate access to bitcoin and more than 30 other cryptocurrencies. 

The growth of digital currency has led to large retail companies finding growing interest in bitcoin ATMs, the company said. As one of the world's leading convenience and fuel retailers, Circle K, which operates 14,200 c-stores with fuel pumps in 26 countries, is among the first chains to start deploying bitcoin ATMs in its stores.


[Credit: Sheetz Inc.]
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