VendCentral Releases Second Episode of ROUTES Series Featuring O’Sullivan Vending

July 28, 2020

VendCentral has released the second episode in its video series ROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services. The episode focuses on company culture and continues with its profile of O’Sullivan Vending, a small, family-owned refreshment services company that experienced tremendous growth and sold in a multi-million-dollar deal.

“COVID-19 has forced an incredible amount of rapid change for companies in the refreshment services industry.  Those who take steps to support their employees now will build the stamina and commitment needed to take on our current challenges and the ones we will face in the coming months,” Neil Swindale, president of VendCentral shares. “This video focuses on the benefits of prioritizing company strength from within and how that investment returns to you tenfold.” 

VendCentral is a digital marketing agency solely focused on the refreshment industry.  It has created the ROUTES series with support from LightSpeed Automation and has partnered with Automatic Merchandiser and for industry distribution.