Meat Vending Machine The Newest In Vending Innovations

Aug. 23, 2018

The Applestone Meat Company has created a meat vending machine to hit the streets in New York, according to Bloomberg. The thought behind this machine? Making the butcher available 24/7. No longer will consumers need to wait until the local meat shop opens when they can get the product any time of day.  

The company is constantly restocking its vending machines to keep up with demand. The founder of Applestone Meat Company, Joshua Applestone, rolled out four vending machines at his shop’s location in Stone Ridge, NY. Each machine has a different type of meat: beaf, pork, lamb and ground beef and sausage. Near the trendy town of Woodstock, these vending machines have been a huge hit so far.  


Editor’s Note: Vending machines offering consumers options beyond typical food and drink are becoming more common. This is an era of ready-to-everything, where consumers are looking for the quick and simple way to receive their goods. Some vending machines currently have options for different types of products, along with food and drink, and micro markets are taking this opportunity to also sell consumers products other than food and drink.