Two Tea Species Extinct, More Threatened With Extinction

Jan. 12, 2018

The Global Trees Campaign published a report on the Red List of Theaceae, the tea family, identifying more than a third of the world's Theaceae species are already extinct in the wild. The Global Trees Campaign is a joint initiative between Fauna & Flora International and Botanic Gardens Conservation International. There were 254 Theaceae species assessed for the publication, and 85 (33 percent) species were identified as threatened with extinction. The majority of these species (32) were assessed as critically endangered. The two species identified as extinct in the wild were the Franklin tree (Franklinia alatamaha) which has not been seen in its native USA since 1803 and Camellia amplexicaulis is now considered extinct from Vietnam. The greatest threat to the survival of the tea family species the report identified was deforestation, due to widespread agricultural expansion.  

For full details, read The Red List of Theaceae report.