One Step Vending, Corp. Announces a New Division Focusing On CDB Products Sales And Online Market

Oct. 18, 2017

HARRISON, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2017) - One Step Vending, Corp. (OTC PINK: KOSK), a holdings company specializing in market disruptive acquisitions with an emphasis on the self-serve vending market, after the recent agreement with Hemp Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), for the placement of CBD products in Micro Markets network, announces the Company's decision to direct its focus on multi-billion dollar CBD products marketing and sales online as well.

As hemp and marijuana-derived CBD products constitute an emerging industry with rapid growth and a multi-billion dollar market, the Company decided to dedicate part of its resources to the creation of an e-shop for the marketing and sale of selected CBD products online. The Company is already in discussions with manufacturers of CBD consumer products and is also exploring the potential to develop its own line under its own brand as revealed in previous press releases. Along with the San Diego Micro Markets on-the-spot network, the e-shop will be the vehicle for the online sale of CBD products.

Currently, the One Step Vending team after extensive market research develops its marketing strategy and works with its consultants and associates that are pioneers in the hemp and marijuana industry in the US. Also, the team works on the brand identity and the e-shop design and development which will be revealed in future press releases upon completion.

The Company aims to seize this emerging industry momentum as the legislation in both the United States and the European States becomes more and more favorable for hemp and marijuana-derived retail products for mass-consumption.

"We are excited for the new developments in the Company as this recently added direction for online sales of cannabinoid consumer products will amplify the scope and scale of our operations and accelerate growth for the Company and its investors," said Chief Executive Officer of One Step Vending Corp. Daniel Garfinkel.

Editor's note: Per Wikipedia, CBD refers to "Cannabidiol ( INN ; abbreviated as: CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis." While I doubt any is talking about selling perception-altering products at workplaces, this does open up debate of those products and reminds us that operators must have clear rules and regulations, reviewed by employees, about drug use.