Chattanooga Community Kitchen & Five Star Partner To Feed The Hungry

Aug. 30, 2017

CHATTANOOGA, TN – As the year 2017 quietly rushes closer to its finish, it adds one more milestone to the Five Star Food Service-Chattanooga Community Kitchen partnership, that exists solely to support and benefit the Chattanooga community. The latest milestone achieved by this unique team is 7 consecutive years of community oriented cooperation.

Every year, Five Star Food Service host’s its annual company meeting, tradeshow, and party with the purposes of recapping the year gone by, forecasting the upcoming year, and celebrating its most recent accomplishments. This year’s sports theme was clearly exemplified by the abundance of athletic jerseys, decorations, and mini games, that could be seen in all directions. However, just like every year before, the main attraction for the night was the auction, from which the Community Kitchen receives 100% of the proceeds. This year’s auction, which brought in just over $12,000, also added an extra layer of value to the 7yr partnership milestone, by raising Five Star’s average yearly donation for the entirety of the partnership to more than $10,000.

“As a company committed to its community, Five Star has shown that they believe in helping those in need.” says Executive Director, Jens Christensen. “Because of this incredible generosity, hundreds of lives are impacted each year through our critical services.”

About Chattanooga Community Kitchen

The Chattanooga Community Kitchen is a freestanding social service agency focused on meeting needs with a primary goal to lessen the poverty and despair among the homeless in the city of Chattanooga and to restore dignity and self-reliance to those we serve. For more information visit

About Five Star Food Service 

Five Star Food Service is one of the largest micro-market, full-line vending, coffee service, and dining and catering service providers in the Southeast covering the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.  For more information visit