Nicevend Opens U.S. Operation, Looks To Expand Its Quinzee Smoothie Vending Machine Installation

Nov. 11, 2015

October 31, 2015—Nicevend, maker of the world’s first smoothies and frozen vending machine, announced that it has opened U.S. operation to support its customer base and future expansion with its product, the quinzee  vending machine. The quinzee is a breakthrough stand-alone vending machine for frozen textured “smoothie” style beverages that use a wide range of instant powders, yogurts and high content of fresh fruit syrups.  The first vending machine of its kind, quinzee has successfully been installed in dozens of locations, and the number grows on a steady basis, according to Udi Klier, Nicevend’s CEO. “We currently have machines in New York, New Jersey and Florida via nationwide distributors and operators, as well as in the Caribbean,” said Klier.  

Nicevend has offices and warehouse space in Florida and Indiana as well as an office situated in Kentucky. The company is growing quickly, with the addition of a U.S. technical manager and a U.S. sales manager. The company plans to add more employees in the first quarter of 2016 for larger based technical support ability.

“We are very happy about how quickly the quinzee has been embraced,” Klier. “Everything is in place for this to continue on a broader and faster scale and the next year is going to be a very big one for Nicevend, the quinzee and our clients who have the vending machine installed.”

According to the company, the quinzee, through its unique preparation method and patents, offers a wide range of flavors and textures of frozen drinks, including smoothies, Frappuccino’s and frozen yogurts, sugar free options and much more. The machine is a favorite among those having it installed due not only to the satisfied customers the machine produces, but also because of its high profit margins.

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