2015 China International Self-Service, Kiosk & Vending Show Declared A "Great Success" By Exhibitors

Oct. 14, 2015

SHANGHAI, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The 12th China International Self-service, Kiosk & Vending Show, held concurrently with iFair 2015, ran from September 16-18, and drew over 22,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors. The show was organized by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd and the Shanghai Multi-media Industry Association, co-organized by Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, and supported by the Shanghai Communication & Broadcasting Industry Association, Beijing All-view Technology Co., Ltd and the Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association.

iFair is a comprehensive show that included the following shows:

  •  The 12th China International Self-service, Kiosk & Vending Show;
  • Shanghai International Digital Signage, Audio Visual Integration and Equipment Show;
  • Intelligent Education & Online Class Show

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the iFair Show attracted more than 250 exhibitors and over 22,000 visitors. The conferences and trade exhibits with the latest trends and technologies, top-notch educational programs and multiple interactive activities provided an extraordinary experience for all attendees.

The show attracted 22,077 visitors from 77 different countries and regions, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea,India, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, Russia, UAE, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France,Egypt, Canada, Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Poland.

Among the attendees, 19,869 were from China and 2,208 from abroad. The number of visitors had increased by 91%, hitting a historical high together with the number of countries. This was the first session of the iFair Show organized by Shanghai UBM after acquisition. The success of iFair 2015 was also a demonstration of Shanghai UBM's strong soft power, which includes professionalism, diverse experience and high-quality service.

Of all overseas visitors, 52.6% were from Asia (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), 17.8% were from Hong Kong, Taiwan andMacau, 14.3% were from Europe, 5.4% were from North America, 3.5% were from South America, 3.3% were from Africa, and 3% were from Oceania. The top 20 countries and regions were Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand,Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, the UAE, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt and Pakistan.

Nearly a hundred industrial leaders participated in the forums and summits held together with the show. These educational programs focused on the current hot issues of the respective industries and attracted more than 1,000 attendees.

2015 Worldwide Self-service Terminals Conference

During the Awards Ceremony, nine prizes were presented, including prizes for the Most Innovative Vending Machines, the Top Ten Professional Managers, Personalities of 2014 in the Chinese Vending Industry, and Lifetime Contribution Award in the Chinese Vending Industry.

Mr. Jeff Parks, the representative of NAMA, delivered a speech on the challenges and opportunities faced by the American vending and OCS industries.

Mr. Kiyoaki Takeda, the chairman of the Japanese Vending Machine Manufacturers Association, also shared his rich experience in the vending industry. The topic of his speech was, "The Current Situation of the Japanese Vending Industry and the Prospects of the Chinese Vending Industry." The second round of the Sino-Japan exchange meeting in the vending industry was also warmly welcomed as experts from China and Japan explored the current hot issues and prospects of this industry together with their audiences.

Mr. Guo, Marketing Director of Sudiyi, talked on the topic of "How does Sudiyi promote the development of the Intelligent Cabinet Industry?"

Public Training, presented by the China Vending College, was still as popular as during the last several years.