Atlanta, GA Adds Equipment Supplying Vending Machines To Save Money & Deter Theft

Sept. 16, 2015

After an investigation that left 14 department employees fired and uncovered missing equipment, the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management decided to try something new. It installed vending machines that stock items like safety goggles and gloves. Employees access the equipment with their ID numbers. The director of the department's Office of Safety, Security and Emergency Management anticipates a 30 percent costs savings due to the inventory control the vending machine enables.

The machines were provided by Grainger at no cost and Grainger will be responsible for refilling the machines, which are part of a 6 month pilot program at seven locations.

Editor’s note: While Grainger offers industrial supplies and a specific type of vending machine, this is something very valuable to a location and should therefore be considered by vending operators. It is the type of cross-over application that could be an added revenue opportunity as the lines of retail and refreshment services blur.