Healthy Vending Helps Indiana Employers Make 'Fit-Friendly Worksites' List

July 20, 2015

Two businesses in Columbus, IN, Columbus Regional Health and the Cummins Technical Center are included on the American Heart Association’s list of 84 fit-friendly worksites in the state, reports The Republic. Part of the focus on fit fitness has been healthy vending programs. At CRH, healthier snacks and water are sold at cheaper prices in the vending machines than traditional items. The location also reviews what is offered in the vending machine regularly, reports the source. 

Editor's note: While the article does that mention specifically that the location subsidizes the healthy items in order to lower the cost, it is likely. This location has dedicated resources to its wellness program and that includes working with vending providers on ways to not only offer alternative selections, but actually increase the likelihood consumers will purchase them.