Avanti Operator Meeting Hit Record Attendance Of Over 190 Attendees

Dec. 17, 2014

Avanti Markets held its third annual Operator Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on December 3rd and 4th. This year’s meeting once again achieved new attendance records from the previous year with over 190 attendees throughout the two-day conference. “Our goal was simple; to bring our family of operators together to not only learn from each other, but to teach them best practices both in the field and at the office to help make them more profitable micro market operators” said Elyssa Allahyar-Steiner, VP of Avanti Markets. The meeting was also a time for Avanti to share with Operators from across the country as to what new features are now available. One key topic of discussion was the continued goal of preventing theft in markets through using Avanti’s new patent pending security feature. “While theft in markets in minimal, we still have to implement more ways to make to deter someone from stealing. Our new Avanti Security Feature allows for recent transactions to post on an external monitor so that it is visible to all those in the market to continuous see the last items purchased and/or cancelled at the kiosk” said Jim Brinton, CEO. 

The meeting included time for networking and idea sharing amongst all Avanti operators. “One of the most valuable pieces of our operator meetings is networking, because operators learn so much from talking to each other and what better format than our annual meeting to discuss new ideas with other Avanti Operators” said Allahyar-Steiner. Avanti encouraged the idea sharing by displaying large boards in the back of the room that encouraged different ideas to be posted onto the boards throughout the two-day conference.  For example, operators would put a sticky note on one of the boards answering the question “What coffee solution do you use today in markets?” Operators could post and look at everyone’s ideas on all three boards throughout the entire event. 

The meeting ended with a raffle of equipment sponsored by vendors of Avanti Markets. One of the most exciting items was an Executive Kiosk that was sponsored by Slabb, Inc. Other vendors that donated items for the raffle were MEI Group, Genesis Décor, Minus Forty Technologies, Mobile Merchandiser, and Premier Wireless. Each year the meeting concludes with awards handed out to operators to recognize individuals for specific categories. The Awards included Coffee Spotlight Recognition, Micro Market Legislative Advocate, New 2014 Operator Spotlight, Operator of the Year, Growth Performer of the Year, and Customer Appreciation Award.