AVT Develops Next Generation Automated Medicine Dispensing System

June 30, 2014

Corona, CA  June 30, 2014  AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (www.autoretail.com), a leader in custom vending machines and automated retailing systems announced that they have completed development on a next generation Automated Medicine Dispensing System, with features never before seen on any machine in its class.

AVT’s new proprietary Lane Recognition Technology provides verification on each item dispensed. In old-style machines, the systems could only report if an item was dispensed. It was up to the operator to assure that the right item was being placed in the right lanes, and human error was an ongoing factor.

AVT’s next generation system reads and recognizes every item in the machine, and provides verification on each individual item that it dispenses. The system eliminates human error and provides 100% dispensing accuracy.

According to the IMS Market Prognosis Report, the global spending on prescription drugs topped $954 billion. United States accounts for almost half of the global pharmaceutical market, with $340 billion in annual sales, followed by the EU and Japan.

AVT’s new Lane Recognition Technology gives doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics complete and accurate reporting functions, so that each item can be tracked to a patient. This is especially important to maintain precise patient records, and in the event of a drug recall.

“AVT was founded on innovation, and our continual goal is to develop newer, more powerful systems that provide higher levels of convenience, functionality and accuracy,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “Our starting point is where other companies stop,” he added. “We look at the best in class machines from all around the world, and then figure out how to make a system that is even better.”                                                                       

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