Sirness Vending Services Celebrates 25 Years

May 1, 2014

Sirness Vending Services in Rochester, N.Y., is celebrating its 25 year anniversary May 1. One of the largest independent operators in the Western New York Market, Sirness Vending employs over 30 people.

"We found our niche, customers who wanted great service, and we provided it to them. They have been our greatest promoters," said Tom Nesser Jr., president. "My dream is for this company to continue in the future as a family run operation. Our customers want and deserve the personalized attention our team delivers to them every day."

The philosophy of Sirness has always been to provide the best level of customer service possible, especially when it comes to equipment, response times, product offerings and technology. Recently the company entered the micro market business with the same commitment as vending and it is experiencing significant expansion.

Nesser believes it’s the company’s people that make it great. Employees feel the same.

“It is nice working for a company that has the reputation of quality service, treating its employees well and that gives back to the community,” said Larry Bach, route manager who has been with the company for 10 years.

“Sirness Vending [is] a company that treats their employees like family,” said Bob Vander, a 35-year industry veteran who has been with Sirness Vending for 6 years.

Sirness Vending Services is a full-line vending operation that grew out of Sirness Services, a coffee service company, started in 1977 by Tom Nesser Sr. and Tom Nesser Jr.  The vending portion was just a small division of the coffee service company. Tom Nesser Jr. saw the demand for full-service vending growing so in May of 1989, he spun the vending division off into his own company and founded Sirness Vending Services. He still reports to work every day with his wife, Barbie. They will be hosting a party for employees to celebrate the company's anniversary.

“I’m excited about the direction of the company, and proud of our history,” said Nesser.


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