Electronic Systems Design Introduces ESDI Model 110400 Four Station Water Vending Controller

May 1, 2014

Electronic Systems Design, Inc. located in San Fernando, Calif. announces the development of a four station water vending machine controller for multi-station coin operated water vending machines.

The ESDI Model 110400 Four Station Water Vending Machine Controller is an economical choice for machines with multiple vend stations. It has been designed and tested for reliable performance, and includes many innovative features: controls four vend stations, includes one pay station for all, U.V. lamp hot water flush, fast two valve dispensing, vend volumes half liter to six gallons, DEX/UCS data retrieval, maximum run time shutdown and NAMA MDB protocol, according to the release.

The controller conforms to UL-508, and complies with CEI/IEC 1000-4-4 for emi susceptibility.

The price for the ESDI Model 110100-4 control board with LED display panel and cable is $729.00. The price including a Nema 4X enclosure, 24VAC power transformer and MDB cable is $799.00.