European Vending Association Elects New Representatives, Votes For Updated Strategy

Dec. 2, 2013

The European Vending Association (EVA) announced that it has elected new representatives at its annual general meeting (AGM). In addition, the general assembly was asked to decide on whether a proposed new strategy and amended statutes should be adopted.

A large attendance of members heard that in order to adapt to current trends, attract more members, grow their business and to give the EVA more weight and influence to lobby the European institutions, a wider footprint of the EVA should be sought.

Over 75 percent of the members voted for a new EVA strategy and amendments to the EVA statutes in order to make this a reality. As a consequence, the EVA has now adopted the wider strapline “EVA: Coffee Service and Vending Solutions.”

To take the EVA forward in this new era, the general assembly unanimously elected Jan-Marck Vrijlandt, group sales and marketing director Selecta, as its new president to replace Arnaud van Amerongen, managing director Aequator AG, who had decided to step down after 6 years of EVA presidency.

Furthermore, Erwin Wetzel, current deputy director general of the EVA, was presented as the new director general of the association as of January 2014. He replaces Catherine Piana who started in 1996 and managed in the past 16 years to gather the various segments of the vending industry into a well-established and effective trade association.

As a result of the adoption of a new strategy and changes made to the statutes, the executive committee (EC) has been expanded to 15 members and is comprised as follows:

Representing National Associations

Gillian White – AVA (UK)

Hubert Boyer – NAVSA (France)

Robert Hausleitner – BDV (Germany)

Lucio Pinetti – CONFIDA (Italy)

Representing National Association Managing Directors

Boris Belotserkovsky – RNVA (Russia)

Representing Machine Manufacturers (EVMMA)

Paolo Ghidotti – N&W

Representing Suppliers

Paul Theobald – MEI (Payment Systems)

Hugh Hose – Nestlé (Ingredients)

Representing  Operators

Michal Piotrowiak – Mastercup (Eastern Europe)

Michael Maurer – ASM (Northern Europe)

Xavier Arquerons – Alliance Vending (Southern Europe)

Jan-Marck Vrijlandt – Selecta (International Operators)

Representing Point of Use Water Dispenser Companies

Dr Hilmar Walde – Brita Group

Representing Office Coffee Service (OCS)

Arnaud van Amerongen – Aequator

Representing Cups

Daniele Simonazzi – Flo Spa

The EVA warmly welcomes its new president, Vrijlandt, and members of the enlarged executive committee, and wishes them well in their new positions.


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