European Vending Association Welcomes Romanian Vending Association

Nov. 10, 2011
The European Vending Association (EVA) recently welcomed its newest member: the Romanian Vending Association (PRIV), tallying its national association membership to 21.

The European Vending Association (EVA) recently welcomed its newest member: the Romanian Vending Association (PRIV), tallying its national association membership to 21.

The PRIV was established by some of the pioneers working in the Romanian vending sector. The idea of establishing a national vending association grew from adverse issues that Romanian vending machine operators were facing in the absence of a legislative framework. The vending industry has greatly expanded in Romania in recent years, in terms of numbers of producers and importers of vending machines, payment systems and accessories, manufacturers and suppliers of products sold through vending machines, operators, and service providers.

According to Victor Marin, president of the PRIV “The purpose of the association is to represent, promote, support, and protect the interests of its members and the vending industry in relation to governmental organizations, public authorities, unions, legal entities, and other types of organizations, under internal and international law. The PRIV also provides an informational and organizational role. By becoming a member of the European Vending Association (EVA), we expect to benefit from the experience and influence of the EVA. We also expect our members to be continuously informed about European legislation, standards, and trends in vending product development. We also believe that, as a member of the EVA, we will have plenty of opportunities to expand our business connections, to exchange knowledge, and to

maintain a permanent collaboration with experts from the European vending industry.”

Catherine Piana, the EVA’s director general, commented: “The EVA is pleased to welcome the Romanian Vending Association. In our role as European representative for the vending industry, it's

important to hear all voices of the industry’s players. We believe that the creation of this new association will certainly consolidate the vending sector in Romania, and the EVA will be present to support and assess the development of the Romanian vending industry.”



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