CRH Catering Sues James Vending Over Contract Dispute

Oct. 3, 2013

CRH Catering in Connellsville, Pa., has filed a lawsuit against James Vending of Lemont Furnace, Pa., because of a tortious interference with a vending contract. Pete Cordaro, vice president of CRH Catering, confirmed the lawsuit and said the company is taking action to set a precedent. “Too many times people take vending contracts too lightly and think they don’t have teeth,” Cordaro told VendingMarketWatch. “And that’s the purpose of this lawsuit, to set the precedence that a vending contract is like any other contract and there are consequences when people interfere with contracts.”

No one from James Vending was able to return a call for comment before the press deadline.

A report from TribLive claims James Vending took over vending at Davis Memorial Hospital in Elkins, W.Va., in December 2012, even though CRH had a contract to provide the services through 2015. Full article.