Turnkey Healthy Vending Co. Offers Cash Incentives For Chicago, Ill. Businesses

April 2, 2013

HUMAN Healthy Vending has announced its support of the City of Chicago’s healthy vending initiative and will offer participating businesses up to $1,000.00 for switching to HUMAN Healthy Vending machines. According to the release, the businesses may choose to accept the cash bonus or to donate the equal amount to a charity that fights the causes of obesity and/or malnutrition.

HUMAN is supporting the announcement made last week by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who asked Chicago businesses and organizations to participate in a citywide vending challenge to offer healthful snacks and drinks in their vending machines.

“We think that the City of Chicago should be applauded as a model for proactive measurements that encourage and facilitate healthful behaviors,” said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending in a prepared statement. “We are thrilled to offer our own incentives to encourage businesses in Chicago to make the switch to healthy vending.”

According to the release, the total cash bonus dollar amount per business ranges from $250 to $1,000. Size of bonus varies depending on the size of the business, number of machines placed, and vending exclusivity. Higher sales and commissions are guaranteed for locations that make HUMAN Healthy Vending their sole vending provider.