HUMAN Healthy Vending Offers Schools $2 Million to Remove 'Junk Food' Vending Machines

Sept. 13, 2012

Schools no longer have to choose between the health of their students and a hefty check from junk-food-vending-machines to fund cash-strapped programs and activities. HUMAN Healthy Vending is announcing the launch of a health and wellness grant program for schools and businesses with up to $2M available through 2015.

HUMAN Healthy Vending, a leading provider of healthy vending machine franchises, will give schools and businesses up to $1,000 for each junk-food-vending-machine they replace with the HUMAN program. HUMAN's vending machines vend healthful food and beverage options, including locally-sourced items and fresh produce. In addition to providing better-for-you options, HUMAN's programs have a history of providing locations with significantly higher annual revenue commissions than junk-food vending machines. Thus, in addition to receiving up-front grant money and healthier food and drink options, locations are also ensured of receiving higher revenue commissions for the duration of their vending contract. Healthy vending in schools has never been easier.

"HUMAN Healthy Vending's vision is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food, so we're excited to give grants to schools and businesses to encourage this new reality," said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending, in a prepared statement. "With HUMAN Healthy Vending programs providing locations with both higher profits and more healthful foods than traditional vending machines, we believe making the right choice is finally a no-brainer. Access to convenient healthful food is really a form of preventative care."