Sell More Stuff: Learn Something New, Show Some Passion And Have A Sense Of Humor

Dec. 16, 2016

In late December and early January you’ll see lists of suggested resolutions for the New Year. This year my perspective has changed a bit. Three things caused me to think differently about how to approach 2017.

First is to learn something new. In November we were in Barcelona, Spain. It’s a wonderful city. The people, the food, the sights – made for an engaging few days. What stood out was the architecture of Antoni Gaudí. We visited four different locations designed by Gaudi. Each was unique and challenged us to think about what we were seeing. One, the Sagrada Família, stands apart. We learned that Gaudi could combine materials, shapes, textures, color and more to completely engage your senses. His logic went beyond traditional architecture. His designs and the functionality he created were drawn from his imagination combined with a broad education beyond classic design. 

Let me make it simple for you. Go to Barcelona and visit the Sagrada Família. (Here’s a tip you’ll appreciate later. Book your tickets for early morning entry. You’ll be ahead of the big crowds.)

Lesson #1: You’ll see what Gaudi did. It’s likely that you will be amazed. You can gain insights about how and why he went in new and different directions. Think about how you can go in new directions in your business. How can you change what you do and the way you do things?

Second is to show some passion. Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas is pretty much the ultimate if you enjoy barbecue brisket. Read my previous blog posting from VendingMarketWatch. Go the end of the piece to see what we thought about it.

Andrew Knowlton, an editor for Bon Appetit, captured the essence of their passion. He spent 24 hours there and took part in almost every aspect of what makes Franklin a special place. The video runs just over 12 minutes. Watch it now.

Lesson #2: We all earn a living working in the foodservice industry. The team at Franklin BBQ does something special. It’s their passion that takes their food to a special place. It’s why people will sit in line for hours every day. Think about how you can bring that same passion to your business.

Make sure that you’re fully engaged. Be certain that everyone on your team knows and understands why it is important to be committed to excellence. That’s extremely difficult to accomplish – whether it’s in our business, or in any other business. By comparison, what we do is mundane versus what Franklin has done with their food. But, they didn’t start at the top. They worked very hard to get to the esteemed reputation they have earned. This is a journey, not a destination. Day-by-day you can get closer to it.

Third is to have a sense of humor. Work should be fun and enjoyable. It might not always be “easy” – but it can be something we’re proud to do. This point was reinforced for me recently at a show “Together Again at Last…For the Very First Time” starring John Cleese and Eric Idle. They are two of the original six members of Monty Python. What a fun evening it was. There were old bits on video. They still had that comic magic and sense of timing. We laughed and laughed.

Lesson #3: It’s good to smile and laugh. It is said best in the song they close with “Always look on the bright side of life.” (Note: If you click on the link, there are a few words which might offend.)

Make 2017 special for you and those who matter to you – family, friends and colleagues. Keep your accounts and customers happy. Satisfied customers mean repeat business. Repeat business means increased sales and profits.

After all, it comes down to selling more stuff. 

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