60% of current employees INTEND to leave their jobs as soon as economy improves*!

March 12, 2010
...AND ANOTHER 21% SAY "MAYBE, SO THEY ARE NETWORKING" (CHECKED OUT LINKEDIN LATELY?)By Dave McCaffreyIn late 2009, WorldatWork reported a Right Management survey of more than 904 workers in North America asked: Do you plan to pursue new job opportunities as the economy improves in 2010? The answers are startling:60%Yes, I intend to leave: 21%Maybe, Im networking: 6%Not likely, but Ive updated my resume: 13% No, I will stay.Douglas J. Matthews, president and COO at Right Management. Employees are clearly expressing their pent up frustration with how they have been treated through the downturn. While employers may have taken the necessary steps to streamline operations to remain viable, it appears many employees may have felt neglected in the process. The result is a disengaged and disgruntled workforce.Matthews said that the best workers are mobile in any economy. We know that people are attracted by career development opportunities, attaining work-life balance and working for an innovative company culture. If management doesnt provide employees with these opportunities, then workers are going to take their knowledge and skills elsewhere. Talented staff can change jobs because they can and want to, not because they have to.So....which of your team will get happy feet and head out the door the first chance they get?If you do not have an idea of who is engaged and who is NOT engaged at your company, might be a good time to put some time, talent and treasure against the potential issue.There are many ways to measure engagement; if you would like to discuss, let me know.Happy Daze to all!Mac*WorldatWork; The Total Rewards Association, November 2009

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