Atnip Co., Inc. Team Member And Former NAVA President Steve Vargas Was Awarded William Herbord-Leon Surber Award For 2019 At NAVA Annual Meeting.

Sept. 4, 2019

STEVENSON, WA – Northwest Automatic Vending Association (NAVA) announced August 24 that Steve Vargas has been named the William Herbord-Leon Surber Award Winner at the 2019 NAVA Annual Meeting. This award is given to an individual who has devoted considerable time and effort in contributing to the Northwest Automatic Vendors Association.

Steve has been an active participant in NAVA events for many years and is a past NAVA President. He has served on a number of NAVA committees and has had a big impact on getting the NAVA website up and running. Steve has been actively involved in the annual meeting and auction, including serving as auction chairman. He has also been instrumental in organizing lobby days in both Oregon and Washington. He continues to bring value to not only the organization, but to the industry as well. 

“Atnip Company is so proud of Steve’s efforts to work on behalf of the operators, manufacturers and distributors in the Northwest to better serve the convenience services industry.” – Larry Atnip 

About NAVA 

The Northwest Automatic Vending Association (NAVA), a regional council chartered by the National Automatic Merchandising Association, is an independent regional trade association of vending machine operators, suppliers, distributors, brokers and manufacturers. NAVA works to promote the common interest and general welfare of the automatic merchandising industry in Alaska, Oregon and Washington to improve the industry’s service to the public, to cooperate with government officials in advancing the public interest and to improve business conditions within the industry in the Northwest. (source: NAVA)



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