ELN Members Participate In NAMA’S Public Policy Conference

Sept. 19, 2013

Members of NAMA’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) will participate in the association’s Public Policy Conference Oct. 7 to 9 in Washington, D.C.

“As a young member of NAMA, I am honored to have a role at the upcoming Public Policy Conference,” said Paul Tullio, chair of the ELN, in a prepared statement. “It will be an excellent learning opportunity for ELN members as we will aim to play a vital role in influencing the industry’s future.”

NAMA’s annual Public Policy Conference (PPC) provides the association’s board of directors, government affairs committee members and ELN members with the opportunity to learn about the current political, legislative and regulatory landscape at the federal level.

Tullio, of Gourmet Coffee Service, will be joined by Maxwell Elliott of Tomdra Inc; Chris Hart of Southern Refreshment Services; Mickal McMath of Moore Haus Coffee; Scott Plaistedof Southern Refreshment Services; Carla Variglotti of The Cuyahoga Group and Juan Jorquera of Vagabond Vending.

“There is much for us to do from an advocacy perspective and many of the core issues – nutrition and wellness is one – resonate clearly with my demographic,” Tullio said. “As I help my company meet our customers’ needs, we will try to lead the industry in advocacy. At the end of the day, if our customers care about an issue, so do we.”

The goal of the Public Policy Conference is to deliver NAMA’s message on priority policy issues and reinforce recognition of NAMA as the primary resource to federal policy makers for the vending and refreshment services industry. The association is reestablishing NAMA’s presence and visibility in the Washington, D.C. public policy community.


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