Eu’Vend Be Held With Coffeena Coffee Fair Sept. 8 To 10, 2011 In Cologne, To Present ‘Vending Star’ Innovation Award

Aug. 16, 2011

From Sept. 8 to 10, 2011, Eu’Vend 2011, the International Trade Fair for the Vending Machine Industry will be held in Cologne, Germany, in conjunction with the coffeena coffee fair for the first time. The fair is completely booked, with around 220 exhibiting


Eu’Vend will once again showcase the innovative power of the sector, as the “Vending Star” innovation award will be presented at the fair for the fourth time. In the run-up to the fair, a jury of international experts has selected the four best innovations from

numerous new ideas and has nominated these innovations for the “Vending Star” award.

On Sept. 9, 2011, the winner among the four nominees will be announced. The

“Vending Star” is presented by Koelnmesse — the organizer of the Eu’Vend trade fair — in cooperation with the German Vending Association (BDV), the fair’s conceptual sponsor.

The jury members are Hans-Jürgen Krone (Lebensmittel Praxis Verlag), Ralf Lang (JAM Verlag), Norbert Monßen (BDV), Daniela Müller (Forum Verlag), Michal Piotrowiak (Mastercup Vending, Poland), Matthias Schlüter (Koelnmesse), Eric Schwaab (ES Fachschriften Verlag), Wolfgang Schwarzenberger (Dallmayr Automaten-Service serviPlus), Gerald Steger (café+co International, Austria), Gerold Stüwer (Stüwer GmbH) and Jan-Marck Vrijlandt (Selecta, Switzerland).

A total of 50 applications were received, from which the jury selected the top four — a difficult task in view of the many outstanding contributions. The jury selected the entries whose innovative potential not only holds great promise for the future, but that also can be put to real practical use by the operators every day, thereby enabling existing market challenges to be met.

After discussions and considerations, the experts selected four products, which each combine to an exceptional degree the assessment criteria of innovative content, applicability and solution capability in their respective segment.

The four nominees for the 2011 Vending Star in alphabetical order:

  • Innoprax GmbH – Shakeria: The new "Shakeria Milk-Shake" offers a deliciously satisfying drink thanks to its one of a kind foaming action and the use of fresh Swiss milk. Combined with all the different flavors available, which range from fruity to latte macchiato, "Shakeria Milk-Shake" is a refreshing and healthy treat. The integrated straw and resealable cap make it a convenient and quick addition to the daily routine and today's on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Kontroll-Systeme SB AG – Common Smartcard Solutions Association: The Industry Association for Common Smartcard Solutions (Industrieverband für einheitliche Smartcard-Lösungen e.V.) has made universalizing smartcard solutions its primary objective. Its vision includes replacing project and provider-oriented data structures with standardized data structures for RFID applications and defining corresponding interfaces. The association also champions the spread of the development as well as the institution of and compliance with standards to ultimately achieve greater flexibility for end customers.
  • Microtronic AG – NFCpay: "NFCpay" unites the three previously independent areas of payment, data transfer and settlement for vending machines. Consumers can load their NFCready mobiles with the desired credit value and, simply by holding their phones for a couple seconds to the NFC-compatible reading system on the vending machine, pay and receive information about their current credit level and the sales receipts. The key benefits for the operator lie in the automatic settlement and the automatic transfer of all sales data via the mobile phone network to the settlement server, which bypasses having to invest in telemetry hardware or data reader devices.
  • Toeca International Company B.V. – Fresh Shake XL: The "Fresh Shake XL" prepares fresh yoghurt shakes in three different flavors (strawberry, wild berries or exotic fruit). Customers select their flavor using a touchscreen and receive their low-calorie, fat-free yogurt shake just 45 seconds later. The shake is made of Danone yogurt, fruit purée and liquid nitrogen, which keeps the drink at a pleasant temperature. All the ingredients are stored in a refrigerator and kept fresh. The "Fresh Shake XL" also has an integrated self-cleaning system that is triggered automatically after a certain number of products are sold or after a certain amount of time, cleaning the vending machine with a three-phase program.

The jury selected the “Vending Star” of 2011 from this group of nominees. The

announcement and presentation of the award will take place at the Rheinterrassen during the festive Vending Evening on 9th September 2011. The award-winner may take the specially designed sculpture home.

The jury also praised nine additional developments and concepts as outstanding innovations in the sector. These products will be presented at the special show “Eu’Vend Innovation Area,” alongside the innovations of the four nominees. These outstanding innovations are (in alphabetical order):

  • BVS Büro Verpflegungs-Service GmbH – Public Vending Concept: The Public Vending Concept aims to increase the sale of products through vending machines nationally and to make selling products with vending machines profitable and easy for operators. It also aims to demonstrate that precision vending machine design, unlike basic requirement specifications, can achieve greater sales.
  • clever-ID GmbH – Pick & Call Prepaid Card: The "Pick & Call Prepaid Card" is a SIM card with calling credit that is packaged in a container the size of a cigarette box and sold in vending machines. Thanks to first-call activation and a prepaid credit of EUR 5, customers can star calling straight away at the price of EUR 0.09 a minute or add any additional options, such as flat rate Internet.
  • Crane GmbH – merchant: The "merchant" snack vending machine has an energy efficiency rating of A++, making it – according to company officials – 30 percent more efficient than comparable devices. A divider plate makes it possible to set up two different temperature zones so the vending machine can be used for snacks and beverages. Other benefits offered by the "merchant" include 50 percent higher selections than are seen in conventional snack vending machines and that up to 78 percent of its parts are reusable.
  • Grub Café Handelsgesellschaft mbH – Chai Tea Classic: With "Chai Tea Classic" Grub Café is introducing the first-ever vending compatible chai tea as an instant complete product based on high-quality powdered skim milk. A selection of spices lends "Chai Tea Classic" the characteristic chai taste complemented by creamy milky goodness.
  • Huhtamaki Alf – Vending Machine Cup TO GO: The "TO GO" vending machine cup is the first safe plastic cup with an 80 mm diameter for vending machines. An extra large version of "TO GO" is also available with a 300 ml volume and the classic version holds 200 ml. The plastic used also has the necessary stability and excellent insulation properties, giving the cup a gleaming design.
  • MEI U.K. International Ltd. – Data Merge™: The money manager MEI CashFlow® 8000 integrates the new Data Merge™ function that captures the data read from an entire fleet of vending machines and payment systems into one file. Data Merge™ offers quick access to sales and diagnostics information as well as payment data as these can be downloaded in one fell swoop. The ID numbers and locations of the vending machines are also captured by Data Merge™.
  • Mistral Constructeur – Easy CO2 cartridge: The "Easy CO2 cartridge" is part of the new "EVOPURE Water Cooler". The "Easy CO2 cartridge" can be changed by users themselves in just a few seconds without having to use any tools.
  • Mitaca s.r.l. – Perla Machine C6: The new "Perla Machine C6" offers customers a selection of up to 10 different types of coffee and can be filled with a maximum of 180 capsules. It also has four instant holders and one sugar holder and dazzles with its 300-cup capacity.
  • Klaus Rudolph GmbH – programmable cup dispenser: The programmable cup dispenser makes it possible for vending machine operators to use any cup they like in their vending machines for the first time ever. The diameter of the cups may be anywhere between 60 and 90 mm, be cone-shaped or have a lip and can be made of laminated paper or plastic.

Eu’Vend will take place in Cologne from Thursday, 8th September, to Saturday,

12th September 2011.

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