Tri State Automatic Merchandising Council To Host Session On Self Checkout Markets At Annual Membership Meeting, June 16 And 17 In Atlantic City, N.J.

May 26, 2011

The Tri State Automatic Merchandising Council, serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, will include a seminar on self checkout markets at its annual membership meeting, June 16 and 17 at Caesar’s Atlantic City, N.J.

Jim Brinton will discuss the success the industry is having with this “game changing” concept; unattended micro markets.

Brinton is former chairman of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (2008/2009) and current president of the USG. He also serves as president of Evergreen Vending, Vending Equipment Center, and Avanti Markets Northwest, all based in Seattle, Wash. He is also serving as interim president of Avanti Markets, Inc.

Brinton has opened over 75 of the markets in the past 15 months. This talk will cover the various solutions currently available along with discussing the financial benefits this concept brings to the operator and end customer.

Operator benefits include:

  • Significantly increased sales – 50 percent to 125 percent increase in test markets
  • The ability to collect sales tax and bottle deposits
  • Non-traditional pricing options
  • Bigger product selection
  • Promotions and reward features
  • Increased freshness perception
  • Acceptance of credit cards automatically
  • No coin mechanism – lower maintenance
  • Real-time, web-based inventory management

Customer benefits include:

  • Greater product selection
  • No more hung or un-delivered products
  • Ability to hold and examine product before making a purchase, including nutritional information
  • Availability of non-traditional vending items
  • No more broken machines at the wrong times
  • No more need for refunds
  • Fewer out of stocks due to real time inventory management
  • Keeps more employees on-site for meals
  • One-stop check out instead of having to pay at several machines

For more information, contact Pam Gilbert at 571-346-1900; email: [email protected].



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