Emerging Leaders Program Focuses on Developing Mid-Level Manager

March 3, 2008
Maintaining an effective workforce is one of the most important elements in running a successful business.

As any business executive will tell you, maintaining an effective workforce is one of the most important elements in running a successful business – it can very often mean the difference between a successful, flourishing company and bankruptcy.

NAMA’s newest professional development program is the “Emerging Leaders Program” which was created specifically for mid-level managers in the vending, coffee service and food service industry to help train them with the skills and knowledge they will need to continue to build a successful career in our industry.

The program is sponsored by Coca-Cola Co., and presented in conjunction with the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality at Georgia State University (GSU). The next session will be presented over five days at the Georgia Tech-Global Learning Center May 4 to 8 in Atlanta Ga.


The training of mid-level managers is critical to the success of our industry because those individuals can often be the vital bridge between staff and ownership. Unfortunately, they are also the ones often overlooked which can ultimately sap efficiency, productivity and undermine the long term success and profitability of any organization.

The program is ideal for mid-level managers who are focused on self-development and growing their current skill levels and expanding their expertise.

Attendees will learn to identify strategies that enhance business performance and help strengthen their ability to use information in decision making. They will also learn to assess the organization’s strength by measuring internal and external factors that drive success, and learn to re-energize and refocus their leadership practices.

Attendees will network and brainstorm with other business leaders throughout the program and during organized evening activities as well.


The topics covered during the 5-day session will help attendees master a range of topics including maximizing leadership potential, team dynamics, basic sales management techniques, human resources, V-commerce and vending technology and basic accounting and budgeting to name a few.

The program brings together not only the same highly regarded scholars who currently serve on the faculty of the Georgia State School of Hospitality, but also features tailored sessions led by industry experts who share a lifetime’s worth of personal experience working for such world class organizations as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Coca-Cola, Nestle, McDonald’s, Harrah’s, Disney, Marriott and more.

Perhaps one of the most valuable tools delivered during the program is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) profiling tool which is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how other people think, which can help sharpen communication skills as well.


Each participant completes a profile in advance and is presented with personalized results about his or her communication and interaction skills. The HBDI results are designed specifically to help attendees improve these skills when they return back to the workplace.

Without partnerships like the one with GSU, sophisticated curriculum like the Emerging Leaders Development Program would not be possible.

NAMA’s university partnership program begin in 1999 with our very first university partnership, Michigan State University (MSU), and today includes partnerships with five prestigious universities across the country.

Initially the concept of university partnerships was designed to simply expose the faculty and students to our industry, but the arrangements have since evolved into more comprehensive programs that deliver tangible tools back to our industry.

For information, contact NAMA at 312-346-0270 or go to www.vending.org.

About the Author

LyNae Schleyer | NCE, CMP, senior director, OneShow and education

LyNae Schleyer, NCE, CMP is the senior director of the OneShow and education. She can be reached at (312) 346-0370, ext. 240 or at [email protected].


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