Card Isle Expands Fleet Of Greeting Card Kiosks In Partnership With AAFES

March 15, 2018

Blacksburg, Va -  After seeing success with a trial deployment at Lackland Air Force Base last year, Card Isle Corporation has partnered with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) to expand their fleet of personalized greeting card kiosks by over 25 units. According to CMO Stephan Sabo ”Within the military we have found customers who show a tremendous desire to share personalized greeting cards with distant loved ones. Card Isle’s photo booth styled selfie cards and military content have resonated especially well on bases with basic training programs and younger military members.” Since December of 2017 kiosks have been added to AAFES operated exchanges, post stores and malls at Fort Bragg, Tinker AFB, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Randolph AFB, Fort Jackson, Fort Campbell, Fort Myer, Andrews AFB, Fort Belvoir, Fort George Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Seymour Johnson AFB, Langley AFB and Fort Eustis. 

Card Isle provides the simplest way to personalize and quickly print boutique quality greeting cards through their automated kiosks. Finding the right card can be difficult, but with 8,000+ greeting cards for all occasions, selfie cards, and photo cards, Card Isle will connect you with a perfect greeting for your occasion. Customers may also choose and personalize greeting cards on their computers or phones and pick them up at the kiosk using the Card Isle Pick Up service at

Founded in 2013, Card Isle serves the customers and employees of over 50 hospitals, airports, military bases, universities, convenience stores and corporate campuses across the United States. 

For additional information or questions contact: | | 929.900.ISLE