MB Media Brokers To License Vending Messaging System

Aug. 27, 2013

MB Media Brokers announced that it is actively discussing the license of its vending related patent portfolio.

“We have begun the process of bringing companies into compliance with our patent,” said CEO David Levine, “and we hope to give companies within the industry ample opportunity to work with us so that they can position themselves for the future.”

Levine’s patent, vending machine messaging system US 7784643 B1, is a fully issued patent that relates to wireless vending machine messaging as well as how such systems can be retrofitted or positioned within the vending machine. “Our patent discusses not just the messaging system but also how and where it is installed on the machine. It also specifies design features that facilitate the installation of a screen within a vending machine both as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) piece and as a retrofit so as to prevent things such as product bridging or hanging within the machine.”

Levine feels that many machines in use today from several manufacturers as well as retrofit kits and future machines employ or will employ features covered under this patent.

“We have noticed an increasing amount of activity around patents of this nature, and feel that now is the right time to announce this initiative, since the passage of time will only make these issues more difficult to solve. As one of the first companies to send media wirelessly to vending machines, and the creator of the first newsfeed service for the vending industry, we look forward to hearing from proactive parties.” David Levine can be reached at 480-332-0844 or by email at [email protected].  

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