AVT Develops New Cellular Air Card

March 14, 2013

AVT, Inc. recently announced that it has completed development and testing of a new wireless cellular air-card system that provides significant features and benefits to system owners and operators for connecting to the internet wirelessly.

"Our embedded air card accepts standard certified embedded cellular RF radio modules from all carriers, including Verizon, Sprint and AT&T in all form factors," according to James Winsor, CEO and chief engineer at AVT, Inc. "Our proprietary air card will work in conjunction with an AVT-developed private protocol to control the entire vending machine operation (VMO), from viewing sales information and management of advertisements, to cashless credit card processing and remote system diagnostics," he added. "This remarkable technology tour-de-force is a game changer in the automated retailing and vending industries where bandwidth and enterprise control are mission critical."

The AVT air card is also loaded with features that are unique and provide a greater level of capabilities, but at a lower cost than unsubsidized air cards from traditional cellular carriers.

"A substantial benefit of our system is that our air card will operate on AVT's cellular VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows for static IP addresses in place of dynamic ones," Winsor noted. "This provides a much higher degree of reliability, as well as vastly improved security over DHCP address assignments."

Notably, the AVT air card will work not only in conjunction with AVT manufactured systems, but with most other manufactured vending systems under license of AVT's wireless patent. This new product increases AVT's IP base, expands revenue streams, and adds shareholder value, according to the company.

"We look forward to implementing this technology in our systems, to give our customers the highest level of performance," said Shannon Illingworth, chairman and founder of AVT. "We also intend on making this technology available to other manufacturers and unit owners, to improve the quality and control of their systems."

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