Expert Group To Acquire Georgia Vending Operation, Hires COO

Nov. 29, 2012

The Expert Group, Inc., which distributes water under the name Pleasant Springs, announced the completion of the first phase involved in the purchase of Atlanta, Ga.-area Family Vending, Inc.

The corporation is also in discussions to make Michael Robinson chief operating officer of Pleasant Springs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Expert Group, Inc.  Robinson has a successful history in the bottled water industry and played integral parts the rapid growth of Naya Water into the market and Evian's distribution in the United States.

Al Culbreth, CEO of Pleasant Springs stated, in a prepared announcement, "In January 2013, Expert Group is prepared to make a $600,000 equity investment in the first phase of the Family acquisition, which operates over 130 vending machines in the Atlanta, Georgia areas. Family Vending generated over $1.6 million in revenues in 2012 with greater than 30 percent gross profit margins in a year of production. In 2013, we are projecting $5,000,000 in gross sales with gross margin increasing to 50 percent. The increased revenues and margin will be attributed to the placement of Pleasant Springs products into 130 different locations.  Family Vending operates its vending business throughout selected retailers such as BrandsMart, the Atlanta public school system and several local Universities."

Culbreth further stated, "We have recognized that integrating distribution businesses producing high yield, high value, with reliable water rights and distribution outlets are a great investment. The corporation further sees this as our initial footprint in the Atlanta market establishing a visible presence of our brand Pleasant Springs and products through these points of sale." 

The corporation is in the process of retiring 66,000,000 common shares previously issued, which have since been returned.

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