Retailers Debate The Merits Of Self Checkout

July 14, 2011

The recent decision by one supermarket chain to remove self checkout has ignited a debate among retailers over the merits of traditional human-based checkouts versus systems where consumers handle their own transactions, according to

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Editor’s Insight: This debate in this retailer forum was triggered by one supermarket chain’s recent decision to remove its self checkouts. This decision was contrary to the general retail trend in favor of self checkout.

There are always exceptions to trends. When new technology is introduced, users report varying degrees of success.

Retail automation continues to advance. Self checkout will become more commonplace, and product marketers will be finding new ways to reach shoppers while they shop.

Self checkout has reached the vending industry, and the rate of adoption of self checkout markets is increasing rapidly. Vending operators, like supermarket chains, are learning how to use this new technology. 07-14-11 by Elliot Maras


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