Autocrat, LLC Tabs Ocean Spray Cranberry Inc.’s Caroline Hennigar-Vogel For Quality Assurance And Research/Development

July 13, 2011

Autocrat, LLC, a fourth-generation, family-operated coffee roaster, manufacturer of premium coffee extracts, and supplier of tea extracts, has announced the appointment of Caroline J. Hennigar-Vogel, PMP, as director of quality assurance (QA) and research and development (R&D). In this senior management position, Hennigar-Vogel will work closely with marketing, sales and operations to ensure that QA and R&D objectives are in alignment with business needs and external expectations.

Among her many responsibilities, Hennigar-Vogel will oversee planning and execution of product reviews, technical investigations, formulations and process improvements, and she will spearhead new ingredient/processing technologies. Her research and development responsibilities will include identifying potential new products and industry trends. Additionally, she will develop and manage all aspects of food safety and quality management systems.

“We are very pleased to have Ms. Hennigar-Vogel join our senior management team.” said Patrick Holmes, Autocrat’s CEO in a prepared statement. “Caroline brings extensive product development experience to our growing company. As an industry veteran, we welcome her creative problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.”

Most recently, Hennigar-Vogel served as principal scientist of innovation product development for Ocean Spray Cranberry, Inc. where she created ingredient and beverage products for industry introductions. Prior to that position, she was manager of food product development for Shuster Laboratories, Canton, Mass. Her extensive experience has included management positions for a number of industry corporations.

Hennigar Vogel holds a master of science degree in food science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. and a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from Framingham State College, Framingham, Mass.

Headquartered in Lincoln, RI.., Autocrat, LLC is a supplier of premium coffee and tea extracts, utilizing a custom state-of-the-art extraction system to meet the increasing demands for coffee and tea extracts and coffee and tea on demand. For more call 1-800-288-6272 or visit Autocrat on-line at


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